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Supporting entrepreneurs like me through Graphic and Web Design, Photography, Videography and Social Media Marketing services.

A little bit about me...

Hey there! My name is Mélissa Jeanty (you can call me Mel if you'd like). A little bit about me? Well, if I'm not cozy somewhere watching my favorite TV shows, I'm either eating something really good like a veggie quesadilla or a juicy slice of pizza or working on a client project.


I've loved my journey, from my white and gray schoolgirl uniform days to the comfy jeans and camera I carry today. I fell in love with photography and making videos, then later on, graphic and web design. A few years ago (2017), I decided to launch this baby of mine, MelJeanty Designs. It's been an interesting journey, I can tell you that!

Every entrepreneur's journey is.


Here's a bit of what I do...


Portraits | Events | Lifestyle | Products


I photograph and serve clients who are excited about the creative process, the opportunity to craft innovative images and content.

If you are bold and ready to step away from the "norm" and into this colorful world of mine, let's connect!





Promotional | Documentary | Etc

I've always loved storytelling and that's what I look for in any video I produce. My clients range from organizations to businesses who want me to tell their story in a compelling way.


Visit the Youtube channel to watch all my client videos and more... Interested? Contact me!



Blogs | Organizations | Brands | Businesses

I design beautiful and unique websites tailored to each and every one of my clients. What excites me is the fact that I get to work with people (bloggers, organizations, businesses, brands with online stores, etc) who know the importance of a beautifully and successfully crafted web presence. 


My clients (and this can be you as well) are those that know where the world is headed in terms of technology and who decide to lead today rather than simply follow along years later.




Flyers | Business Cards | Book Covers | Etc

What I love about designing for my clients is the opportunity I get to create content that they use to promote or share themselves with others, while at the same time pairing my love for photography with these designs.

The best ways to describe my style of design are "clean and simple". If you have a project you'd like me to take part of, please reach out!




Social Media | Workshops | Website Assessment | Etc

I've learned a lot of the years and, what've learned, I want to share with you. I want to teach you what I know and empower you to be successful in whatever area you are evolving in.


How? You can subscribe to my channel for tutorials. You can contact me to lead workshops, to launch or manage your social media or simply to consult on a project of yours.


You can find my FREE e-book on 3 Tips and Tricks for Instagram right here... 

A little bit about you...

Who are MelJeanty Designs clients? Let's see... You are brave (you may not feel it but you take actions and steps towards your goals that show just that). You are open to new ideas and innovations (you want to do things differently, run your business differently, present your brand online differently, and you're not afraid to create, along with me, work that is different). You are trustful (you acknowledge your need for professional help, that's me ;) and you trust me to bring your vision to life).


If you feel that this is you, let's keep in touch. Contact me for your next project! 

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